Supro Trailer was established in 1951 year in Shanghai on manufacturing of heavy transporters, such as Hydraulic modular trailer, Self propelled modular trailer, Shipyard transporter etc. It is our honor to say that we produced the first set of hydraulic modular trailer in China! Due to the developing of our company, we have established the brand “Supro Trailer” in 2014 year for overseas markets specially!

Our company produces the hydraulic modular trailer to work with Goldhofer THP/SL, Nicolas MDE or MDED and makes 4 steering systems of the Self propelled modular transporter! In 2018 year, we produced the first set of Remote controller shipyard transporter in China! Supro Trailer has good technology ability to customize those heavy transporter against on special requirements from our clients! Even we have exported those customized heavy transporters to European markets such as France, Belgium, Germany and American! Supro Trailer is your wise option on advanced low bed trailer! We use Hydraulic suspension and mechanical rod steering system on the multi axles low bed trailer to jack up the axle and make the steering axles! Our company also produces Extendable trailer and adapters for windmill blade and tower transportation! Supro Trailer is your good and reliable supplier on heavy transporters!

Performance Case

Supro Trailer welcome the customization on Hydraulic Modular Trailer (HMT) agaisnt on the special requirements for our clients! We have produced the "STNV3" HMT againt on Nicolas trailer, but the performance is much better than Nicolas! Even the "STNV3" has higher cost performance than Goldhofer! Supro Trailer has exported our customized HMT to European markets! About the Self proeplled transporter, our company has 4 different steering systems. And the mechanical rod steering system of the SPMT can combine with Hydraulic modular trailer so it can save lots of budget on the SPMT! And we have 2 operatioin patterns of shipyard transporter to be your optioin, one is  "Driving pattern" and another one is "Remote controller pattern". Supro Trailer provides superior quality and customized heavy transporters, so we save your money from European manufacturers!