Who We Are

Supro Trailer was established in 1951 year in Shanghai, and we are the first manufacturer in China who produced the hydraulic modular trailer. Against on the developing of our company, we establish a specialized brand “Supro Trailer” for overseas marketing in 2014 year! In 2021 year, we have established an office in Hefei city to cooperate with “Anhui Transportation and Technical College” on the designing and studying of heavy transporters!

Supro Trailer has over 10000 square meters modern and automatic production line manufacturing bases in Xuzhou city such as Gird beam gantry aromatically welding, Automatic shot blasting machine, Robot arm automatic welding production line, Electroscopic painting production line, Laser cutting etc. Our company has over 100 skilled workers who have abundant experience on the semi trailer manufacturing! Also we have over 30 professional engineers which includes Frame& structure engineer, Hydraulic system engineer, Electric engineer, Quality inspection engineer etc. And they work together to make out superior and advanced semi trailers!

Outside of our workshops

supro trailer workshops outside

Factory Yard of Supro Trailer

Factory yard of Supro Trailer

Inside of our workshops

Video of Submerged-arc welding machine

After we finish the building of the trailer, our company also has a strict commissioning process to find out each issues before producing, and guarantee our clients can use the heavy transporters into the projections once they receive the heavy transporter!

(1). Before we use the hydraulic parts on our heavy transporters, we require our accessories to check each of them and find out unqualified accessories! Even before we use them, we will use our own equipment to make random checking of the accessories make sure the 100% qualification rate!

Video of the hydraulic cylinder quality inspection

(2). About the hydraulic suspension transporter. Our quality inspection team will make the full loading on the trailer, and observe the suspension over 24 hours whether it has sink down issues. And also we will make the jack up and steering movements to check whether has hydraulic part has oil leakage issues.

Video of the hydraulic modular trailer commissionning

(3). Also, our quality inspection team will drive the trailer forward and backward under full loading to check the steering system whether is fluent or has noise. And whether the steering axles has contradictory.

Video of our multi axles - Hydraulic suspension low bed trailer commissioning

(4). Before we load it on the ship. Our company ignore the cost to make the thorough protective measures on the trailer! Such as we use canvas to take replace of the thin film. Even after 60 days after the sea freight, the trailer still be shining as just finished new one!

Hydraulic modular trailer prepared for sea freight

hydraulic modular trailer

hydraulic modular trailer

hydraulic modular trailer

Vision of Supro Trailer

Supro Trailer is struggling to lead the technology and manufacturing of heavy transporters in the world! Our company produces the hydraulic modular trailer to parallel with Goldhofer and Nicolas. More than that, we have improved some designs of France Nicolas trailer such as Hydraulic suspension, Main beam and combination files.  Also we made a new hydraulic modular trailer “STNV3” which even has good performance as well as Goldhofer trailer!

Video of the STNV3

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Supro Trailer always be the priority option to customize the hydraulic modular trailer! Even we used to be the supplier of Military transport projections!

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mobile substation

Even we have exported our heavy transporters to European markets for our superior quality and stronger technology strength!

Slag Pot Carrier for Germany market

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Hydraulic suspension for France market


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Supro Trailer provides professional technology consulting to our clients! And we will design the most suitable and economic transorters for our clients!
Supro Trailer update the manufacturing photos weekly to let our clients be clear on the producing process. And we have a strict quality control system to guarantee the superior quality of it!
Our company should obey to strict commissionning requirements to guarantee the exported transporters should have no quality issues. Also we make careful protective measures for sea freight.
The best quality guarantee is that provides superior quality products to our clients! As long as you have quality issues, we would help you solve worries immediately!

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