Width and Length adjustable Drop deck bed

Author: Supro Trailer   Date: 2022.05.16

Only 1/3 to 1/2 Cost of European drop deck bed, but Supro Trailer provides advanced and superior quality of drop deck bed for you!

❐ Do you want to customize some advanced toolings for your hydraulic modular trailer? Such as the below video drop deck bed which the length and width are adjustable.
❐ If we by the trailer from European manufacturer, I know there only has few companies are able to accept the budget! But nobody wants want to buy a bad quality of special toolings for our hydraulic modular trailer! Am I right?! Nobody wants to have headache on quality and waste time and money in future oversize load!
Now! Supro Trailer is your solution on advanced drop deck beds for our advacned technology ability and good working and cost performance!
❶ Supro Trailer proposals over 30 sets of transport scheme for the projection transport by drop deck beds! And we have over 5 different structures of drop deck bed to be your option! It can say that Supro Trailer is match with Germany Goldhofer!
❷ We produce stronger structure of drop deck beds which can meet with extreme transport situations! You can not need to worry whether our long distance drop deck bed is able to load full weight cargo and do not have sink down issues! The structure should be stronger enough for loading!

❸ Now! You only need 1/3 to 1/2 buget of European drop deck beds but buy a good quality of it which as well as Europpean one! Just contact to inquiry your special toolings for your hydraulic modular trailer!

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