Customized Goldhofer HMT

Author: Supro Trailer   Date: 2021.02.20

How can the Supro Trailer customize the Goldhofer structure Hydraulic modular trailer?

Some overload compaines want to customize the Hydraulic modular trailer to meet more complex projections. But the cost of customization is much more expensive than normal standards, especially the Goldhofer structure HMT. If they are going to buy it from other HMT manufacturers, the overload companies always worry about the quality. So the plan always be suspensory. Now! Supro Trailer help you to achieve your dream by little cutomization cost!

Supro Trailer has over 15 years manufacturing experience on Goldhofer structure Hydraulic modular trailer. So we have accumulated abundant experience on the technology. Supro Trailer use the Goldhofer technology on Self propelled modular trailer and shipyard transporter manufacturing!

For the customizied Hydraulic modular trailer, Supro Trailer cooperation with famous brands of hydraulic accessories` factories to do the design and testing. So that it can guarantee the practicability of the accessories, and save the cost of the accessories. For example, when we extend the axle distance and width of the trailer, the hydraulic cylinders should be re-designed. So that Supro Trailer is able to provide good quality of customized hydraulic modular trailer by good price!

Customized Goldhofer structure hydraulic modular trailer

Supro Trailer customize the Goldhofer structure hydraulic modular trailer for Rocket transportation, and the functions as below:

Extend the width and axle distance of the trailer to improve the stability during the transportation.

Make two power packs, one is electric and another one is diesel. It can be shifted during the operation.

Equiped a balance mechanism to adjust and guarantee the rocket base is horizontal.

The whole hydraulic system is linkage, so it can adjust the whole hydraulic suspensions uniformly.

Photos of the Customized Goldhofer structure hydraulic modular trailer

Overvies of the Hydraulic modular trailer ( 11 axle lines + spacer + 2 axle lines + hydraulic gooseneck)

customized Goldhofer thp sl

spacer with Goldhofer

custmized hydraulic modular trailer

Hydraulic gooseneck

hydraulic gooseneck goldhofer thp sl

Hydraulic gooseneck combine with 2 axle lines

goldhofer thp sl gooseneck

Spacer of the hydraulic modular trailer

goldhofer thp sl spacer

Rear hydraulic axles

customized hydraulic modular trailer

Hydraulic suspension

customized goldhofer thp sl

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