Air suspension Extendable Trailer

Author: Supro Trailer   Date: 2021.03.19

Supro Trailer helps you to understand the structure and operation of the Windmill turbine blade extendable trailer.

Now, Supro Trailer is able to make Max. 62m length extendable trailer which also only need middle 3 telescoping beams ( after the gooseneck and infront of Tyre platform) but no need rear telescoping beam after the Tyre platform. The structure design is able to meet European road transport policy! Also, the stretchable length is customized.

Closed length of the Supro Extendable trailer

windmill turbine blade extendable trailer

windmill turbine blade trailer

Stretchable length of the trailer

windmill turbine blade extendable trailer

windmill turbine blade extendable trailer

Supro Trailer use mechanical suspension and air suspension to be options. The mechanical suspension price is much better than air suspension, and also it allow overloading. The air suspension can be adjusted by height, and the balance ability is better than normal mechanical suspension, but also the air supension do NOT allow overload.

Air suspension of the Extendable trailer

air suspension of the extendable trailer

Video of the air suspension height adjustment

Supro Trailer has 3 steering modes of the extendable trailer. One is Manual operation, one is Remote controller and the rest one is Automatic steering( only works at closed length).

Automatic steering cylinders among the gooseneck

steering cylinders among the extendable trailer gooseneck

Automatic steering video at the closed length( only works at the closed length)

Remote controller for closed length ( Automatic and Remote controller swift operations)

Remote controller to the stretchable length

Steering modes swift vavles

manual valves of windmill turbine blade trailer

valves of windmill turbine extendable trailer

Power pack for the steering structures

power pack for windmill turbine blade trailer

Stretchable operation for middle telescoping beams

Advantages of Supro Extendable Trailer

Supro Trailer have accumulated abundant experience on the Extendable Trailer. Now, the structure design is too mature now. We make the trailer be longer and longer, but also we guarantee the middle telescping beam is very stronger and never out of shape to sink on the ground. Also, we do not need a rear telescping beam anymore to extend the trailer length.

The strength of the Supro extendable trailer is too stronger and stable. Not only for long length windmill turbine blade transport, but also can meet long distance transport. You do NOT need to reforce our structure anymore before the long trip.

Supro Trailer cooperates with famous accesories` factories to guarantee the stablity of the extendable trailer. No broken during the transportation, No oil leakage of the hydraulic accessories. Reliable quality can save you lots of time and energy on the trailer, so it can save your money from the projection!

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