Folding Gooseneck Lowboy Trailer for Train Coach

Author: Supro Trailer   Date: 2021.03.23

To transport the train coach, NEVER use hydraulic modular trailer with Spacer but Supro folding gooseneck lowboy trailer can help you to save lots of money!

Normally, transport companies usually use multi axles - hydraulic modular trailer to do the train coach transportation. When the train coach is too long, they have to use another spacer to extend the length of the multi axles trailer. So the cost of the projection is very expensive! But now days, Supro Trailer have designed the folding gooseneck lowboy trailer to do the train coach transportation, we make the projection be more simple and save lot of money from projection!

Advantes of Supro folding gooseneck lowboy trailer

The cost peformance is higher than Multi axles modular trailer. You can earn back the investment is a short time!

Supro Trailer has mature technology on hydraulic gooseneck lowboy trailer. We are able to provide stable quality folding gooseneck lowboy trailer for you!

You do not need to worry the length is too long to make the steering. Cause Supro folding gooseneck lowboy trailer use steering axles to reduce the turning radius!

Never worry about future longer length of train coach. Cause the loading platform is not integral, so it welcome different length platform combination and change the length of the trailer.

Remote controller of the hydraulic gooseneck operation. Make the work be more easiler!

Video of the folding gooseneck lowboy trailer

Phots of the Folding gooseneck lowboy trailer(for train coach crawling)

Rear Tyre platform( 4 axle lines and steering axles)

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