STNV3 Hydraulic Modular Trailer

Author: Supro Trailer   Date: 2021.08.20

Supro Trailer not only improve the design of the Nicolas hydraulic modular trailer, but also our new structure is much better than it!

The company has over 50 years experience on the Hydraulic modular trailer designing and manufacturing. So we have accumulated abundant experience of it! And we are able to improve the design of the original hydraulic modular trailer and modify the structure and system against on the special requirements of our clients!

Now! Supro Trailer makes out a new structure hydraulic modular trailer against on Nicolas! The operation is more convinient, and the works of the trailer is more smooth and comfortable. So the cost performance is higher than Nicolas and Goldhofer!

1. The strength of the Supro Trailer technican team is able to design a new structure of it!

2. The high quality standard of our hydraulic accessories guarantee the designing of our new trailer! Supro Trailer always give the response from the end users to our suppliers and study the designing of the accessories with them!

3.  Also, our company always keep improve the manufacturing ability of us and make the new trailer be more delicate! Such as the Frame welding, Painting, Valve marks, etc.

New design of the Accessories!

1. We refer the standard of Goldhofer on our hosepipes, connectors, ball valves and control valves. And we are cooperating with Chinese supperior hydraulic accessory manufacturer "Hengli" to make the high quality standard accessories!

2. Most Chinese manufacturers use Chinese air system on the hydraulic modular trailer, but Supro Trailer use Webco system! It makes the response of braking be more quick!

New design of the Structure and System Designing!

1. We improve the designing of the steering plate. It solved the Max. steering angle stuck problem, and make the first axle to achieve 55° angle! It makes the trailer need more small steering radius.

2. We improved the design of the Hydraulic gooseneck

2.1 The hydraulic gooseneck equipped Air pump and Gas chamber.

2.2 Most of Chinese manufacturer do not use pump accumulator to pretect the hydraulic system of the trailer. Even some of them already take consider of it, but they only use double way valves which almost has no function of it. Or they equipped a accumulator but should always charge the air by ball valves which is not superior. But Supro Trailer use special nitrogen charge equipment to guarantee the pressure of the accumulator as it required.

2.3 Supro Trailer equipped two assembly units of the gooseneck to make the operation be more simple!

Video of the STNV3

Specifications of the STNV3

No. Name Configuration
1 Axle distance 1550 mm
2 Tyre distance 735/1820 mm
3 Tyre amounts 8 pcs/ line
4 Tyre spec. 215/75R17.5
5 Rim spec. 6.00-17.5
6 Width 2990 mm
7 Middle travelling height 1070 mm
8 Suspension lifting distance ±300 mm
9 Steering system Hydraulic system on full tyres
10 Frame steel Q550D
11 Max. steering angle of first axle 55°
12 Dead weight of each line 3.7 tons
13 Frame structure Box
14 Frame support way three points or four points
15 Loading capacity 22.5 tons(18km/h)

Main components of the STNV3

No. Name Brand Original
1 Tyre Double coin China
2 Rim Zhengxing China
3 Axle Yurk China
4 Cylinder Hengli China
5 Ball valve Pister Germany
6 Quick connector Faster Italy
7 Multi way valve Bondioli & pavesi Italy
8 Hosepipe Eton USA
9 Hydraulic steel pipe Quanqiutong China
10 Hydraulic connector Eton China
11 Brake valve WABCO USA
12 Power pack Xinchai 4 cylinders and Bent pump China

Photos of the STNV3

Supro new design hydraulic modular trailer

Supro new design hydraulic modular trailer

Supro new design hydraulic modular trailer

Supro new design hydraulic modular trailer

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