Control Panel and Power Pack of Goldhofer

Author: Supro Trailer   Date: 2021.12.08

Assembly of Control panel and Power pack of Goldhofer

Agaisnt on the developing of oversize load business, it required us to use the hydraulic modular trailer for various cargo transport and more combination ways between each unit. So it need some customized toolings and accessories for your hydraulic modular trailer. Supro Trailer is a qualified and experienced manufacturer to customize toolings and accessories such as Drop deck bed, Spacer, Turntable etc.

If you are going to use full semi trailer style Goldhofer hydraulic modular trailer that you need rooms to put Power pack and control panel. Our company cooperates with overseas brand diesel engine "Lombardini" to design an assembly of power pack and control panel together to hang up it in the bottom of the hydraulic modular trailer. It saves rooms for you cargo from the Goldhofer platform and also it is convinient for operation!

Photos of the Assembly of Power pack and Control panel

goldhofer control panel and power pack

goldhofer control panel and power pack

goldhofer control panel and power pack

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